Zigbee thing status available means?

What is the meaning of the status available?
Does it mean that the device is online/offline - switch off by the wall switch?

If so - it does not work.
The status is always ON.

Yeah… IMO it should be “connected” instead of available… Will clean this up.

If it’s a switch (as in button), it’s known that it doesn’t work yet.

If it’s a switch (as in relay) it should work. Please paste the logs in that case.

Hi, it is bulb that is switched by a normal wall switch.
The bulb should be unavailable when not connected.
When i test the connection with the ‘identify’ button the log prints a timeout.

For now this was a placeholder for the entire zigbee being available or not. If you unplug the stick, all zigbee related devices will “Not available”, and as soon the network was online again, all devices where available again.
I am currently changing this behavior. For example: if you have a lamp, and you switch it off (taking the current), this lamp will not be switchable any more and no status can be fetched. In that case, the lamp is not “connected/reachable”. In case of switches: they will be configured to wake up once and a while and send the battery status. If a switch does not end for a longer time any message, the thing will be disconnected. As soon a device sends some message, independent which, it will be available again…and so on.
I called it “available”, because “connected” is from a technical perspective not correct, but maybe more clear from a user perspective.

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Great, looking forward to it!