Zigbee dimmer remote

I am testing nymea and communicating with a raspbee deconz gateway (deconz server disabled). Philips hue bulp works great. But bu remote contols both ikea tradfri remote, and philips hue dimmer swtich do not work. We get paried, and also used to reset bulps to be added to the gateway. But i cant bind any button. Under Switches in nymea interface is says “The swich has not beed used yet.” Press a button on the switch to see logs appering here. Which has no effect in the logs. The logs onloy entries is about battery level and connected state.

Am I missing something or is it a bug?

hmm… strange, I use both of those remotes here without problems.Did you set that up with a fresh installation of nymea 1.5?

I have Hue dimmer switches working without problems in Nymea and with a Conbee II. The switches are sleepy devices, as they are battery powered. So while you join the devices into the Zigbee network they might „fall“ asleep before the joining process is finished. Then the devices might not work as expected, which could be the case here.
@mzanetti Is there an indication, if the joining/interview was successful or unsuccessful?

Hmm… Right now there isn’t a proper indication for that…

When the device initially shows up, nymea does the node interview (get name, endpoints, clusters). Once it has done so, it will try to find a suitable plugin for this node. When a node reports it can support a device, the “Thing” will be created and the plugin takes over by binding the clusters it requires. So indeed, there is stuff that can fail after the setup completed without the user noticing it, except that some things may not work. There certainly is room for improvement in the implementation when it comes to this.

So maybe an indication of the successful, incomplete or failed interview in the Zigbee joining screen of Nymea would solve some initial first step problems why a device is not responding in Nymea.
I guess this, together with the excellent Zigbee network map, can really help analyzing problems within the Zigbee network and it would be great if that could be integrated in the future.