Wrong Value in Nymea Energy for Shelly Plus1PM

Hi everybody,

today I had some time to have a closer look at Nymea Energy - a really impressive plugin in my eyes :+1:

I’m not physicist, but one thing seems to go wrong in combination with my ShellyPlus1PM (which is a 2nd generation Shelly device compared to my other shellies where the values look fine).
When you look at the following screenshot “Verbrauchersummen”, it shows a value for today (Sunday) of around 71 kWh (!), which obviously is far too high and miles away from my 1st generation devices Shelly 1PM (don’t know why they now show 0, before they showed values between 0,02 and 0,07 kWh which makes sense in my eyes and which is more than factor 1000 lower)

Verbrauchersummen 3

But when you now check the chart “Verbraucherhistorie”, the values here look quite sensible, the ShellyPlus1PM has a maximum of around 62 W. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that means even if the light behind this Shelly would be on for the whole day, we only would have a total consumption of about 1,5 kWh.

Verbraucherhistorie 3

The Shelly itself shows also the correct wattage:

Küche PM

So for me it looks like there is something wrong in the interaction of the Shelly Plus1PM and the Nymea Energy Plugin because all the other Shellies seem to show correct or at least more sensible values. First thougt was that the value is by factor 1000 too high, but that is just a guess …

Thanks again for having a look and your great work!

Thanks for the report. Indeed, factor 1000. Nymea wants kWh, but the Shelly gives Wh. Fixed in next experimental build.

Thanks for your help. Let me know when I can test it.