WOW! Love it! Reuest

Just discovered Nymea and absolutely love it! What a clean UI and professional looking platform. Well done!

I have a request for adding support for Harmony Home Hub. The smart remote IR platform for switching multiple IR devices on and off in a certain sequence.

Also, are there any other suggestions to getting IR control working on Nymea? Needs to be commands sent like

  • Power on TV

  • Set TV to HDMI1

  • Power On Receiver

  • Set Receiver to DVD/LD

etc etc,

Thanks in advance, and again thanks for such an awesome open source platform! Good work!

Hi @deanfourie1, welcome to nymea. Thanks for the kind words.

Currently none of us owns a Harmony hub. For someone who owns such a device and has a bit of knowledge about python, it should be quite easy to create a plugin though. This seems a potential candidate library to use for that: GitHub - iandday/pyharmony: Python library for connecting to and controlling the Logitech Harmony