Will there be z-wave support

Hi Guys

just came across your easy OS to use my question is

would there be any support for zwave devices i have a z-stick in my raspberry pi and wanted to use your
app to control the devices???

thank you


Hi @tron86

Right now there is nothing on the roadmap that would make us work on Z-Wave. However, that does not mean we don’t want it, or that it wouldn’t be possible. In fact, we did already have demos with Z-Wave devices involved.

In other words, I can’t give you any time estimate but I sure hope eventually we’d get that in.

Can you maybe tell us what stick and which devices using Z-Wave you have?

Hi thanks for the reply Damm that’s a shame hopefully soon you might support it…

So the z-wave stick I’m using is AEOTEC Z-WAVE USB STICK and the z-wave device is a zwave garage door opener by aeotec as well.

And using the raspberry pi as the hub

I’ve been using OH for my os but wanted something more easily to use witch I came across your software I really like it very easy to use and you can do everything from the phone :blush:

So, I guess if you want to use nymea already now for other stuff you might be able to set up a Z-Wave to MQTT bridge and use nymeas mqtt plugin to control it… Not very great and requires fiddling, I know… But perhaps better than nothing for the time being…

Yea I had a look at zwave to mqtt way over my head LoL I’m a noob when comes to programming
If it’s not on YouTube or how to do it I’m lost lol

Thanks anyway will keep a eye out if nymea decides to support zwave

Thanks very much for your help

Ok had enough of OH now I’m loving the nymea app much better finds my tasmota device straight away with out making items sitemaps linking to them together and the list goes on🤦‍♂️

So do you know the best way to do the zwave to mqtt then I’ve looked up the GitHub page but I start get lost

Hopefully if I push the topic maybe we could get a zwave plugin soon😜.

Love the work guy’s

On the hole thing