What are you using BerryLan for?

We run (paid) training services over the internet. Boss wants to be able to deploy network monitors to customer sites, pretty much around the world, simply and with minimal fuss at the customer end. My solution: a Pi Zero W with BerryLan and our remote monitor software. Customer will use BerryLan to install it on his or her network, at which point it will start monitoring, queue data during connection shortages and unloading it onto the server when connected. Tiny, easy to ship, and we can ask the customer to find a castoff phone charger for power, so we don’t have to figure out their power plugs.

I did a trial today with a Zero W lying on my desk. After an initial flap-doodle over a no longer useful SD card, it worked brilliantly. Thanks Nymea!


Hi softweyr,
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Thank you for sharing your usecase.

I was hoping to solicit user stories from others.

I added another BerryLan success–I’ve created a weather monitoring network around my home, using Pi Zero Ws as sensors. I rebuilt my primary sensor outdoors on the front of my house during the middle of a recent heatwave when I realized it was offline because I changed my WLAN. So of course this time I used BerryLan; the next time this happens I can change the WiFi settings without crawling up a ladder!

This came to mind today because I’m adding a PM2.5 particle sensor and a VOC gas sensor to the mix, and am again using BerryLan as the base.

Nice use cases!
I can share one from the professional side: Industrial Gateways that are entirely set up from an Smartphone App - starting with networking.

For your sensor use cases: did you checkout nymea? There are a bunch of useful tools you might like.
BerryLan is just a side project. :slight_smile: