Web view only works with Windows App

I have added a webview in the dashboard. But this works only on Windows. With the app on Linux Mint and the smartphone app (Samsung S10e, Android version 12) the webview item does not work. Are there dependencies?

It should work on all platforms. I’ve just tested it on Android and it works for me. Can you please enable app logs in app settings → developer tools and then add it again. Then go to the app logs and check if there are any error messages in there.

As for Linux, same. It should work too. There is a dependency but the app should pull it in automatically. Also check the app logs there please.

that’s strange. I do not get any entries via the logs.
I have taken a screenshot of the smartphone as an example

I have also included a normal web page for testing, no video stream. Also doesn’t work.


still can’t reproduce your issue. I’m fairly confident that it would produce a warning message in the app logs if it fails to load the WebView. Can you please check again?

Hi, here is the log of the app:

I see, you’re running the snap package… I’ve just tested that one and indeed the webview doesn’t seem to work with that…

Using snap run nymea-app I get this error message:

[423164:423276:0118/113606.824590:ERROR:platform_shared_memory_region_posix.cc(222)] Creating shared memory in /dev/shm/.org.chromium.Chromium.O8DmnQ failed: Permission denied (13)

Not sure yet how to fix that…

Found a fix for the webview not working in the snap package: Fix webview not working in the snap package by mzanetti · Pull Request #954 · nymea/nymea-app · GitHub

It’s currently building and should start working as of version 1.6.5 (in the edge channel as soon as the build finishes).

Now for your Android. Also that I can’t reproduce. It’s working fine with my Pixel devices. What device is it? Is it perhaps some Xiaomi or something that doesn’t have Google’s services/apps on it?