Wall Dimmer Support

What wall dimmer’s does nymea work with out of the box? I am a beginner and I have setup several devices, but I am not sure what plugins are available for a dimmer. I am not talking about a dimmable light, I mean a wired in smart wall dimmer.


I am using the Hue Wall switch module and Gewiss GWA1501 modules. Nymea also supports the JUNG ZLL 5004 which I’ve used earlier and recently support for the Scheinder Electric FLS/AIRLINK/4 was added too.

That said, there are ups and downs to each of the devices, which aren’t things nymea does or does not, but rather how the devices are made:

First of all, all of those are battery powered devices. I too am looking for wire powered dimmers, but haven’t been able to find one yet.
While the Hue Wall switch module seems to do a decent job with connectivity, it has the issue that it does not implement the ZigBee cluster specification properly. It uses a Hue specific protocol which results in the problem that it can’t be bound directly to a light but instead needs to go to the coordinator and some automation on the zigbee gateway then has to send the dim commands to lights. This is fiddly and introduces a small delay between presses and the lights reacting. If your main intention is dimming, I would not recommend this one.
The Jung was niche but it dropped the connection/ate through the battery too often. Opening the wall switches to re-pair the switch or replace the battery every 3-4 months was too much for me (considering it’s not just one, so I ended up reconfiguring one switch per week - unusable).
I’m reasonably happy with the Gewiss one I have here, but sadly I think they’re not produced any more and if some seller has them on stock still, they’re way too expensive.
I can’t say anything about the Schneider Electric as I never touched one myself.

That said, nymea will also try to pick up any other zigbee spec comliant remote control and it should just work. Also, in 99% of the cases it’s not hard to add dedicated/better support for such a device and it can be done quite quickly. When looking for a device, don’t restrict yourself to those 4. Just perhaps ask back here before spending a lot of money on something new so we can evaluate beforehand the devices a bit.