Using raspberry as "app only"

NYMEA core and app running on main unit as per my past posts. I want to add a few more touch screens around the office, cloud not necessary. So just want the app portion to connect to core on the main unit.

I see when it boots the app quickly connects to…where is this IP set so i can change it to the main unit?


Nevermind, found it. For others doing this change the IP in:


Amazing what you can “find” with this line:
sudo find / -type f -name “nymea” -exec grep -il ‘’ {} ;



yes, this would be the place to get around it for now… However, the problem with that is that it’ll be reset on every upgrade as this isn’t a config file intended to be changed by the user.

I’ll think of something that would let you set this more persistently and come back here.

Hey @dunarri,

if you update nymea-app on your Raspberry Pi now, it will reset your change and connect to the localhost hone again. However, there will be an option to disconnect from it in the main menu and then pick another one. Subsequents reboots should then prefer your last used connection over the localhost one.