Use Raspberry as managed WiFi Access Point

Hi mates!
I use a Raspberry and a LTE Stick as WiFi AP for an AirBnB appartment that I rent.
It is cheap and has nymea integrated, which does some additional useful stuff.

I configured the WiFi Hotspot by using nmcli and configured it to autoconnect.

But when somebody accidentally disconnected the power cable, the WiFi con didn‘t came up by itself.
So I had to go there to fix it.

If nymea could manage WiFi Access Point things, I could fix things remotely (turn WiFi on, off, changing SSID or Password, …).

I think this wouldn‘t be too difficult for you.

There would be another very positive effect:
Even if there is already WiFi available it would be a blast, if the Raspberry provides its dedicated WiFi network to all those WiFi smart home devices (e.g running Tasmota or similar Firmware).
Every WiFi Router has issues, but then all the smart home things keep on working independently!

Cheers! :blush:

I agree this would be a nice feature… Actually, nymea-networkmanager can do AP mode already, it’s just not exposed in the internal nymea API but only via Bluetooth setup for BerryLan. It’s certainly on our roadmap to include it in nymea too…

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perfect! Cannot wait for it! :slight_smile: