Use any RF remote control, weather station etc with nymea and rtl_433

If you take a look at this thread, you will see how im monitoring tire pressure with nymea. Im doing this by using a cheap $20 SDR (Software defined radio) and the rtl_433 package to read directly from the tire pressure sensors.

You can monitor so much, so so much more. If i put rtl_433 into monitor mode, it picks up my rf remote for my tivo, the wireless weather station the neighbor has, and a ton of other devices.

Im not that good at “Magic” but i can pretty much say you could setup magic and use any old RF remote control you have laying around to control things in nymea. Very cool! So many devices have been decoded in rtl_433, it gives you a lot of possibilities!

Just giving you guys some ideas! nymea +rtl_433 is a winning combo!


Now I’m curious, ordered one of those.

You will have fun with it and be amazed how much stuff you can read using rtl_433.

This is fun indeed… I ordered this one:

for 15€

Just running rtl_433 on it does indeed give me a handful of sensors around me where I’ve no clue who owns them or where they are… No clue what the remote control does, it seems to be IR based but the stick doesn’t have an IR receiver :smiley:

Here is the tire pressure thread, sorry - forgot to mention it in my first post: