Upcoming Zigbee changes

Hey folks,

experimental support for Zigbee has been in the experimental repository for a while now. Finally it looks like it is in a shape where we can move it towards a stable release. However, loads of changes are pending to properly integrate it into nymea. Those upcoming changes will break existing setups on experimental.

We’ll be removing the current Zigbee support from experimental temporarily now and bring it back soon in the new, proper way.

As we know there are a few people here in the forum already using Zigbee in their setups, I’m just letting you know that you probably do not want to update your setup until further notice.

I’ll update you here once the we’ll be bringing it back and existing setups can be upgraded.


Update: Zigbee is now back in the experimental repository. As said in the post before, be aware that it will break existing ZigBee setups and they need to be set up again. The setup procedure is a bit different now:

Instead of the old nymea-plugin-zigbee there are now a number of other zigbee related plugins. Please uninstall nymea-plugin-zigbee and install those instead. There’s a meta-package named nymea-plugins-zigbee (note the ‘s’) which will install all of them (that’s likely what most users want). Once they are installed, a ZigBee network needs to be created by going to System Settings -> ZigBee. Connecting new devices is also done in there by opening the network for joining and putting the ZigBee devices into pairing mode (normally pressing a button for some seconds). Also, this requires a recent nymea:app version from the beta channel.

Again, note that this is still in an experimental stage and anyone trying this will almost certainly run into bugs and missing features.

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Here’s a status of our current ZigBee device testing:

If you are testing this and have other devices, let us know.

OSRAM Smart+ Plug - also works: https://www.ledvance.com/consumer/products/smart-home/smart-home-products-with-zigbee-technology/smart-home-components/smart-plug/index.jsp
(and i successfully paired one phlips dimmer switch)

Aquara Single Switch also works: https://xiaomi-mi.com/sockets-and-sensors/aqara-smart-light-wall-switch-single-key/

Right, the Hue devices behave pretty standard which makes them work quite well.

Could you please be more presice about the Osram device? Perhaps a link to it? You may also request write permissions on the google doc if you want and can add your findings there (keeping it tidy please).