Upcoming changes in Shelly Generation 2 devices

Hi everyone. Just a quick heads up that the next version of nymea will have some disrupting changes in the Shelly plugin.
Originally we’ve re-used the device description (Thing Class) for the gen 1 devices as they seemed to be reasonably similar. I.e. the Shelly 1PM would also handle the Shelly Plus 1PM, the Shelly 2.5 would also handle the Shelly Plus 2 PM etc.
This, however, turned out to be a bad idea and so we’ve fixed that now. Sadly, that implies that if you use a Shelly Plus 1[PM] or Shelly Plus 2, you’ll have to remove them from nymea and add them again as the new device type.

The new thing classes will ask for a password when setting them up. If you did not set a password on the shelly, you can just confirm that by pressing ok without entering anything in the password field.

These changes are in experimental as of today.