Tuya Plugin advice

Question, If I have tuya devices, after setup, does nymea communicate thru the smartlife app/servers or are all communications local to nymea core.

I really want to keep thing local if possible and not use the smartlife cloud system.

I guess what I am really asking is if I set the firewall on the router to block all com with my local devices (after setup) will the nymea system still control all tuya devices?

ps port 123 is unblocked for time sync.

The Tuya plugin sadly is using the cloud. Fwiw, you can see whether a plugin works fully local on our integrations page: https://nymea.io/documentation/overview/integrations
Watch out for the cloud icon on the tiles.

At this point, tuya does not provide any API for their devices. Neither local nor cloud based.

There is a cloud API [1] at courtesy of the homeassistant folks implemented as a tuya “skill”. I couldn’t find any official documentation for that but the client code examples allowed to get it working with that API in a user friendly way.

While there is an approach to reverse engineer the local API [2], at this point it would require the end user to dissect the tuya app on android to extract encryption keys. As this is not something most users can do, I decided to go for the cloud API at first.
A plugin for the local API also shouldn’t be hard, probably most code of this repo could be taken and converted into a nymea python plugin. Maybe someone is interested in giving that a go?

You could also try and see if you can reflash those tuya devices with tasmota to completely remove the tuya cloud from the picture. An example for that would be here [3].

[1] https://github.com/unparagoned/cloudtuya
[2] https://github.com/stast1/localtuya
[3] https://www.hackster.io/michael_zanetti/smartlife-tuya-wifi-light-switch-with-tasmota-and-nymea-09a7a6

Thank you for the reply.
I already have a number of devices converted to Tasmota. Tuya has upgraded their software lately, and that is a harder option right now. Maybe it is an option in a while. I will look at the other options you have suggested. I had gotten the keys previously and was using it locally but found tasmota and converted all my stuff to tasmota. I am looking to the future and figured I would investigate nymeas solution.
Thanks for the help.