Tasmota optimization

Good night,

first of all, congratulation for Nymea! Very light and efficient.

I’m the maintainer of Home Assistant integration under Tasmota (I’m working for another for PaperUI under OpenHab too) and I would like to have a chat with you to see what I can do to improve compatibility with Nymea on our side, or at least offer a better documentation for our users.
Is there a Discord channel where we can meet?


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Hey ya. Welcome to nymea! :blush:

We’re having a hackaton right now and I’m quite busy. I’ll be with you the day after tomorrow when I’m back home. We don’t have a discourse set up atm but I’m sure we’ll figure out a way for communicating real time. Maybe you want to want to join our telegram group?

Looking forward to this!

Already pinged you on telegram, but since I understand you are super busy (and for a very good reason indeed!) we will talk when you are ready.


Hello @effelle ,

the discord link you sent me seems to be not valid (maybe expired by now?). I’d be available now for having a chat. Can you please invite me again?

Sent another one on Telegram. We need to sync our timezone …