TASMOTA and zigbee2mqtt with nymea


I am considering moving from HA to NYMEA. I installed a server and started playing spme and testing capabilities. Most of my components are based on TASMOTA and ZIGBEE2MQTT.

several questions:

  1. Uses a lot of switches with 3 and 4 relays when configured in different configurations: 2 blinds, or shutter and 2 lighting, or shutter and lighting, or all lighting.
    In the app the TASMOTA 4 relay switch could only be configured as lighting.

Is it possible to configure lighting with blinds in the 4 relays switch?

  1. All my ZIGBEE sensors connect via CC hardware through zigbee2mqtt. Is there a way to interface with nymea as well?

Many thanks

Hello irmi29, welcome to nymea!

for 1)
Yes, indeed, the tasmota plugin is lacking a little. I can improve the 4 channel stuff. The main reason why it’s not there currently is that I lack hardware to test with but if you’d be willing to test things for me we should have that supported pretty soon. I’ll see if I can squeeze that in later today, it’s all prepared.

for 2)
to be honest it’s the first time I hear about zigbee2mqtt. It’s seems an interesting project.

Now, I assume (without having it tested) it would work in nymea, with some setup effort:
You can enable the MQTT server and set up things so the zigbee2mqtt gateway can connect to it. From there you can use the generic mqtt client plugin to set up things based on mqtt. Once done so, you’ll see “uncategorized” things appearing in nymea. If you want to use the pretty interfaces (for lights, roller shutters etc) you can use the “Generic interfaces” plugin to set that app and then use the Rule engine to create rules. (e.g. if light from generic interfaces is turned on, execute action publish on the mqtt device)

We are aware that this is a bit fiddly and we have worked out a plan to improve that situation in the future (can’t give a time estimate but I hope somewhat soon).

If you want to play around with this and would like to get more real time help and give feedback on how we could improve the situation for your setup, you are welcome to join our telegram group as well if you like.

I’ve added support for blinds and upgraded the 4CH devices to be capable of that too.

This fix should soon appear in the “testing” repository. If you want to help us with testing, you can enable the testing repository in the app (System Settings -> System updates -> Configure) and it will appear on your nymea installation soon.

Thanks for the quick response.

I’m definitely ready to help with the tests. Don’t know how much it matters, but I recently started using intermediate microprocessor switches (tuya MCU), which helps improve touch response times. TASMOTA supports this very well.

Regarding the Z2M this is definitely a great project. The only solution that allows me to expand the network with coverage of 800 meters easily, and at low cost. Has been using it for six months with perfect stability.

I’m not so familiar with your image for the PI, do you mean to enable the core MQTT server? Is it done through the app?

The ZIGBEE adapter actually connects via the USB, does your image need permission or everything is already preset?

I do have a Tuya device with Tasmota on it here too. It works very well, yes. Here’s a post that describes my setup with that: https://www.hackster.io/michael_zanetti/smartlife-tuya-wifi-light-switch-with-tasmota-and-nymea-09a7a6

Yes, enabling the MQTT server is done through the app. Actually it’s enabled by default but you’d need to create a policy for your Z2M gateway to be allowed to connect. Go to System settings -> MQTT broker.

Our image is based on Rasbpian Buster, assuming you run on Raspberry Pi. As I said, I’m not familiar with Z2M, but in general I don’t see any troubles with accessing the USB ports etc.