Tado setup (after a restore) returns error


Any ideas?

After restoring my setup I cannot reconfigure/add my Tado account.

Client message:

Uh Oh
Something went wrong setting up this thing.
Client credentials not found, the plug-in version might be outdated.


I | Tado: Confirm pairing “andre@.nl” Network manager available true
I | Tado: Sending request QUrl(“https://my.tado.com/webapp/env.js”)
W | Tado: Request error: 301 “Unknown error”
W | ThingManager: ConfirmPairing failed for “Tado account” QUuid("{6______-4442-872e-42abbd8bff81}")

What can be the problem? I already removed Tado, rebooted, installed Tado and rebooted again, but no change.



Hi @Foenky - yeah I can reproduce. Obviously Tado changed something in their webapp. Tado integration obviously needs some love.
I created an issue on github. Tado: Connection issue · Issue #444 · nymea/nymea-plugins · GitHub

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Fixed in Tado: Fix login url by mzanetti · Pull Request #450 · nymea/nymea-plugins · GitHub

Will be fixed with 0.28


Nice. Right before winter. :blush: