System update missing

Hi all,

I’m trying to follow the following tutorial but I got stuck when I came to install the Internal MQTT client. Searched the forums and I found out that I need to enable nymea-plugin-mqttclient plug-in but I cannot find “System update” under the System Settings.

The system is installed on Armbian 20.10 Focal. The scope is to get a temperature reading from a Sonoff TH16 (Tasmota 9.4.0) with a DS18B20 temperature sensor via MQTT.


Hello my friend , I use Nymea app with Tasmota and DS18B20 for a couple of months now and works very well .
Do you use the mobile app ? You can search for System update in the mobile app as well

Hi @pythontest112233
System update is not available under System settings. I tried from an Android device and from a windows machine but no System update.

In the meantime I managed to install the required plugin via sudo apt install nymea-plugin-mqttclient but the original issue (No system update) still persists :smirk:

You’ll first need to sudo apt-get install nymea-update-plugin-packagekit and restart nymea. Then the system updates part would show up.

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Worked like a charm!

PS: managed to get the temperature via MQTT from Sonoff TH16 (tasmota). If anyone is interested to create a plugin for the device I’ll be glad to help.