Sunspec Kostal Integration Test (issues, experience, data interpretation...)

Hello Nymea Community,

thank you for the fast support regarding the new SunSpec protocoll.
As I have a working system with an Kostal Plenticore Solar Inverter and Kostal SME (Central smart energy meter to measure the overall house consumption and feed in to the grid)
I tested the new nymea-sunspec-plugin. The SME is connected to the Inverter, so the Inverter has also the values from the SME in the webserver overview.

I wanted to share my experience, and I checked the values between the nymea App and the Kostal Plenticore Webserver values.

  1. “Gesamter Energieverbrauch” must be “Gesamte erzeugte Energie”?
    The Value of 914 kWh is not the consumption of the solar inverter.
    Its instead the generated solar power.

  2. What are the orange and green gauge in the picture where the overall kwh Energy is displayed?

  3. Home Energie Consumption and Grid feed in from SME is missing in the nymea overview.

  4. In the menu two Inverters are listed, but only one inverter is mounted and connected. The first gives right values. The “second inverter” gives strange values which makes no sense.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Here is the screenhot of the non existing second solar inverter with the strange values…

And here is the overview - one solar inverter is existing, but two are listed, one working the other with strange values.

Hey @EGuru

thanks for the feedback. Sounds like there might be some bugs in the plugin. We’ll look into this and come back to you.

Hello @EGuru,

I’m currently doing a whole wokrover on the sunspec part, and I found the issue why you have this ghost inverter hanging around in your system. I’ll ping you here once the fix should be online, probably within the next few days! Thanks for reporting the issue.

FYI: the issue is, the some sunspec devices provide the information on register 40000 and mirrored on 50000, and nymea performs always a scan on all possible register sections while discovering sunspec devices, and the mirrored situation was not handled so far, but soon :slight_smile:

Hello Simon,

thanks for your update :slight_smile:

Ok, lets keep in touch and I will retest the new release soon

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Hi @EGuru ,

finally we have now something to test and the overall experience should be much better now :slight_smile:

So I did a huge rework of the entire SunSpec infrastructure, library and plugin, and we support now theoretically any module which is SunSpec compliant. Maybe not initially detected as well known nymea thing, but adding new things based on any SunSpec model is very easy now, and the plugin provides all information we need to know to implement and add unsupported models.

The new plugin makes use of the new network detector mechanism which has been released with the last 0.28.0 version of nymea. Since you seem to have a Kostal inverter, it would be great if you could share a screenshot from the detected network devices when you add the SunSpec connection, and which one you pick (or only that).

Once I know how Kostal Inverters present them self in the network (Mac address registration or hostname), I can add the Kostal vendor during setup and show only the Kostal devices in the discovery, which should create a better user experience.

It would be very helpfull for me if you could test the new plugin and provide me the information how the Kostal presents it self in the network and if your initial issue has been fixed. There should show up only one inverter now.

You can test those things by switching to the current experiemntal repository on your system.

  1. Add the experimental repository (example for the Raspberry Pi, if you have an other platform please let me know)

    nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/nymea.list
     ## nymea repo
     deb buster rpi non-free
     deb buster rpi non-free
  2. Update your system

     sudo apt update
     sudo apt upgrade
  3. Restart your nymea daemon: sudo systemctl restart nymead

  4. Remove the current SunSpec connection thing with the app

  5. Re-add the SunSpec connection (make a screenshot from the detected network device you gonna pick for connecting) and your inverter should show up in nymea

Happy testing and thanks for giving feedback :slight_smile: