Sunspec Kostal Integration Test (issues, experience, data interpretation...)

Hello Nymea Community,

thank you for the fast support regarding the new SunSpec protocoll.
As I have a working system with an Kostal Plenticore Solar Inverter and Kostal SME (Central smart energy meter to measure the overall house consumption and feed in to the grid)
I tested the new nymea-sunspec-plugin. The SME is connected to the Inverter, so the Inverter has also the values from the SME in the webserver overview.

I wanted to share my experience, and I checked the values between the nymea App and the Kostal Plenticore Webserver values.

  1. “Gesamter Energieverbrauch” must be “Gesamte erzeugte Energie”?
    The Value of 914 kWh is not the consumption of the solar inverter.
    Its instead the generated solar power.

  2. What are the orange and green gauge in the picture where the overall kwh Energy is displayed?

  3. Home Energie Consumption and Grid feed in from SME is missing in the nymea overview.

  4. In the menu two Inverters are listed, but only one inverter is mounted and connected. The first gives right values. The “second inverter” gives strange values which makes no sense.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Here is the screenhot of the non existing second solar inverter with the strange values…

And here is the overview - one solar inverter is existing, but two are listed, one working the other with strange values.

Hey @EGuru

thanks for the feedback. Sounds like there might be some bugs in the plugin. We’ll look into this and come back to you.