Suggestion: Programmable timer/calendar thingy

Hello folks,

Firstly, thank you for the excellent work you have being doing here with Nymea! I have used the system on two spots, controlling houses outerior lights and as a swimming pool controller.

I just connected the RPi that controls the lights also to a car heating 230V socket. (yup, here in Finland its a big deal…). The HW is just a GPIO connected to a relay.

IT would be great to have some kind of intuitive GUI on controlling the heating times.

Use case: i know im leaving home to work at 7am. It’s -10c outside, so the car engine+interior heating needs to be on for 2hours. Starting at 5pm.

Nice to have: Sometimes when it -25c it need to be on for 5hours. This temperature correlation could be done by a script in phase 2…

I think this kind of function could be useful in other applications too.

Integration to google calendar would be nice also, but i think there should also be a local way in the app to control these first.

Generic heating" leaving at 7am" attatched to Magic that does the timing also works, But i it’s not handy if my departures vary during the week…

…also pondering would the android 11 bring anything to this table…

Br, Olli


Hey @Ollip, welcome to nymea!

We’re glad you like it.

You do have good input on those use cases. Right now, you can do this stuff with the ScriptEngine but of course that doesn’t count as a “intuitive UI”. This stuff also relates a bit to uses like charging electric cars which is a topic that interests us too. We’ll be considering your input for sure as we go forward.

The full idea as you describe it, with google calendar integration and all is quite a big chunk of work, so don’t expect all of this to be solved in the next release or so but it’s certainly where things need to go in the long run, yes.

If you need help with scripting this stuff for the time being, don’t hesitate to ask here. We’re glad to help. Also, if you already have those scripts working, feel free to share them here so others (and we) can get inspired by them.

Stay tuned in the Android 11 thing, we’ve been playing around with it too :wink: