(Suggestion) Allow to re-categorize things


so I have a couple of Hue smart plugs in my home, but what always bothered me is that they appear under lights even though I would love them to appear under “power sockets”. I know that is how Philips wants it to be, but it feels weird to me since I don’t have lights plugged into them all.

It would be great if there would be functionality to override a category a thing appears in.

I would greatly appreciate if you consider implementing this.

Thank you and happy holidays!

Hmm. I haven’t ever seen hue smart plugs so far. Would you be able to create a log with the details for those devices?

I think if you’d enable the hue debug category and re-setup the bridge it should contain anything I need.

I do agree with you that smart plugs should not appear in the lights section but instead should appear in the smart plugs section and allow connecting any other virtual/generic thing via nymeas IO connection mechanism.

Just to clarify. I assume I will have to remove the bridge completely? Because when I just reconfigure it I only see this line:

I | PhilipsHue: Bridge already added in system
I | PhilipsHue: Discarding duplicate search result

Hmm… Reconfigure should do the same. Anyhow, I’ve ordered myself such a smart plug and will look into it.

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Wow! Thank you! so much!

My smart plug arrived today and I’ve fixed the plugin to make that one now correctly appear as smart plugs and allow virtually connecting any other generic thing you’d like.

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It’s building in experimental currently. Not sure if we’ll do a 0.25.1 release. If so, I can probably include it there, else it’ll be in 0.26.0

Great news, thank you again so much!

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forgot to mention… you’d need to remove the existing ones as they won’t be updated to appear properly once they’re initialized as lights. Probably easiest to remove the bridge from nymea and add it back again.

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Just ran the update, deleted and re-added the plugs. It worked like a charm.

So all I have left is to say thank you, so thank you!

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