Sorry, Password is wrong error

So i formated my SD card, reloaded Berrylan on it.

Downloaded the android APP, Found my Raspberrypi via BT no problem.

however once i choosed my Access Point, it does not even let me enter the password, and simply says “Sorry password is wrong”.

Could it be app is caching something? on my 1st install it worked fine with same access point, but not anymore.

This is how i see my wifi information if i connect using different connection.

Hi @highwingers

normally the password screen will be skipped if the wifi network is unprotected. Could you post the output of following command on your pi:

nmcli d wifi

seems like if security is “WPA1”, it does not connect. I am having problems connecting with “Microsoft.Net.Up.2.4”…however if i connect to this network using nmcli manually, it works just fine.

DIRECT-Bh-FireTV_15d7 Infra 11 130 Mbit/s 87 ▂▄▆█ WPA2

  •   Microsoft.Net.Up.2.4            Infra  4     54 Mbit/s   79      ▂▄▆_  WPA1
      Tranquilitybase23               Infra  11    270 Mbit/s  57      ▂▄▆_  WPA1 WPA2
      Microsoft.Net.2.4               Infra  11    195 Mbit/s  44      ▂▄__  WPA2
      f4dcf2                          Infra  6     195 Mbit/s  35      ▂▄__  WPA1 WPA2
      Skippy                          Infra  8     130 Mbit/s  30      ▂___  WPA1 WPA2
      DIRECT-kz-FireTV_b578           Infra  11    130 Mbit/s  30      ▂___  WPA2
      Fios-D39YF                      Infra  1     130 Mbit/s  27      ▂___  WPA2
      --                              Infra  8     130 Mbit/s  27      ▂___  WPA2
      HP-Print-ff-LaserJet 200 color  Infra  11    54 Mbit/s   20      ▂___  --

This was initially intended for not allowing to connect a product to an insecure encryption like WEB or WPA1 (both can be cracked quiet easy). For the community version this makes of course sense to allow again. I’ll have a look at it.

Thanks for the report.