Sonoff Zigbee Stick

I have just started playing around with Nymea and ran in to the following issue: The Zigbee stick I have appears not to work. I have the Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 USB dongle. This is based on a TI CC2652P chip, which is quite common (and recommended for example zigbe2mqtt). Is there a way to get this to work with Nymea?

Currently that chip is not directly supported by the nymea zigbee stack. I have one of those here and would love to have that supported, but can’t give any time estimate on that.
You may still use it by running zigbee2mqtt and making it connect to nymeas MQTT broker. Then use a “Internal MQTT client” thing to subscribe to zigbee2mqtt’s topics and connect them to generic things using nymea scripts. Something similar to this should work: sensor-on-mqtt-server · documentation

Earlier than anticipated, I managed to get this one going.

The latest experimental build now has support for z-Stack based ZigBee adapters.

I’ve tested it with a CC2531 and z-Stack 1.2, with a CC2652RB and z-Stack 3x0 and said Sonoff ZigbeeStick (with the stock z-Stack 3x0 that’s on it).

Auto discovery of the stick is not working for the Sonoff one yet, you’ll need to select the TI backend and baud rate 115200.