Somfy Connectivity Kit supported?

In the apartment I moved in are already Somfy blinds installed.
Now I want to connect them to my other devices.

For this I want to use the “Somfy Tahoma” integration.

However the “Somfy Connectivity Kit” is much cheaper than the “Tahoma Switch”.
According their webpage it features io - RTS - WLAN while the Tahoma offers also Zigbee.

Any experience with the Somfy Connectivity Kit and Nymea?


Hello Chris,

I also bought a Somfy Connectivity Kit hoping it would work with Nymea. Unfortunately, the Connectivity Kit doesn’t seem to support the local API.

It’s not clear on the product page, but I found the following document (in French) that compares the Connectivity Kit with the more expensive option:
You’ll see that the local API isn’t checked for the Connectivity Kit (neither is the Cloud API for that matter, but more on that below).

I reached out to Somfy to see if they have any plans to add support for the local API, but they haven’t replied yet. I assume this is something they reserve for the more expensive offering.

The Nymea plugin switched to the local API.

It seems Home Assistent supports the Cloud API, and although it isn’t listed as supported by the Connectivity Kit in the above comparison, I’ve found references to a working setup, although apparently with some limitations: Somfy Connectivity Kit support for Overkiz and/or HomeKit - #30 by uwe22 - Hardware - Home Assistant Community

We might be able to use this Python package to create a plugin for Nymea that uses the Cloud API:
GitHub - iMicknl/python-overkiz-api: Async Python wrapper to interact with internal Somfy TaHoma API, or other OverKiz API's. (I can’t make any promises at this point though)

Meanwhile I’ve been using the following workaround (using Homebridge) to set up communication between Homekit (which is supported by the Connectivity Kit) and Nymea, to be able to control the blinds from Nymea (but it isn’t the prettiest solution):

I hope this makes things a bit clearer.



That means the easier option is going for the expensive tahoma.
With this I should be able also to connect to Zigbee devices as I see it however as well.