Some stupid ideas !?


most important upfront - i am no programmer or code writer. I understand a bit, but only reading what was created though various applications. Like a SQL query to get data into an access database, or looking at a Visual Studio code created via the app. etc.
Consider me stupid, when it comes to actually writing something… all i can do is amend whats already there.

Second, most important thing - I love the Nymea:app. The simplicity in the layout, especially the graphs. The usage - brilliant. Wifi switches, one click all on/off, or if i want a specific one, i click the symbol and have all the ones setup.

That brings me to my main point. I’ll paint the final scenario below, you tell me, if that’s achievable or as the header says, just some stupid ideas.

a) Electric vehicles
We have 2 KEBA wallboxes (one disabled atm) and 1 BEV (Mazda MX30), the second, a Tesla, will be delivered in July/August, then the second WB is required, too

b) we have Solar panels on the roof, I found the SMA Inverter, and it shows actual production

The plan is - and Keba confirmed it is possible - to have both WB setup as PVoptimzed chargers. Meaning as long as enough Amps are produced, both WB are charging the cars - if plugged in. There needs to be a 1st and 2nd priority, lets call them WB1 and WB2.
As only one car is used as a daily driver, and mine (the second) only when office days, we shou be able to have both charged during the week without needing much power from the grid.
During the winter months, thats a different story, so charging even without enough self-produced power, needs to be possible by tapping the button in the Nymea:app.

I found WB1 and set it up as thing, but it does not recognize the Mazda being plugged-in. I created a generic car, too … realizing, that might require some extra knowledge and setup, I decided to quit and tried to create some lightning magic with the wifi plugs and sunset setting… :wink:

c) data logging / graphs
I mentioned already - I love the weather thing graphs. exactly my kind of style
Is there a way to have the Inverter data as well as both wallboxes charging sessions displayed, too? I see the data logs for the inverter, assume the KEBAs will produce lots of data, too. Is there already a setup to export the daily data automatically?

d) the Tesla
I was looking for a datalogger on the web already. there are lots, but most of them collecting data in the cloud, meaning i have to release the tesla apps login or a token … which i want to avoid, if i can have that within my own network … yeah, wifi isnt 100% safe, but better than the cloud.
I wonder if someone already connected a Tesla to Nymea?

kind regards

Thanks for the flattering words. Glad you like nymea. We’d appreciate a nice review in the app store, or a post on social media to help us growing nymea.

For you ideas:

So, for solar powered smart charging, we’re soon launching nymea:energy, see That’s pretty much what you’re asking for, except that so far it will only work properly with a single wallbox, however, one of the next updates should also make it work properly with 2. There is no “priority” between cars possible atm, but I’ll take that as feedback to the team. Sounds like a reasonable thing to have.

Now I’m not sure why the Keba wouldn’t detect your Mazda being plugged in. I’d like to ask you to get logs from that so we can investigate. For that, open system settings → developer tools → debug interface, then go to the debug interface, logs tab and enable the logs for the Keba plugin. Then plug/unplug the car and after that, grab a debug report (or copy/paste the log from the web interface) and send it to us please.

For the energy graphs, there is quite a lot available. Did you find energy view in nymea:app? In the main menu, you can configure the main views. In there you’ll find an energy view which would show graphs for your solar production, consumption etc. Unless you have a Keba “Germany Edition” it should also show the Kebas consumption there (The Germany Edition doesn’t have an energy meter builtin).

For the Tesla: AFAIK Tesla doesn’t offer an API we could use. There is only the cloud API. I think @loosrob is working on a plugin for tesla cars (although it will still go through the Tesla cloud afaict). Rob, please correct me if I’m wrong.

… the debug report i just sent u is without the car/wallbox, etc. i removed them again. what do you want to priotize - the daylight/Pizero issue, or the Car/WB ? :wink:
meanwhile, i will have a look at
I wonder if the priority has something to do with the Master/Slave setup of the KeContact X and C…