Slider minum step


I’m developping a Nymea plugin for a Mect Device (a 4.3" HMI Panel with TCP Modbus interface) that acts like a thernostat.

Among other properties the plugin sets the targetTemperature and the targetHumidity.

targetTemperature is a value of type “double” and unit “DegreeCelsius” and a range from 5 to 35 degrees.
targetHumidity is a value of type “int” and unit “Percentage” and a range from 50 to 100

I couldn’t find a way to increase the slider values by 0.5 degrees or 5% for the percentages, something like a “minimum step”

Has anyone tried to do something similar?


there is no stepSize property available currently, but I agree that it would make sense to have that.

Also, currently the thermostat interface only supports targetTemperature. Again, it’s probably a valid use case to add targetHumidity too… You can still define the state for the thing class for now.

Hi Mr Zanetti,

thanks for your fast and kind reply.

I’ll wait the implementation of the new constraint on stateTypes variables.

Best regards.