Shelly2.5 like sonoff

Is it possible to set SHELLY2.5 as roller shutter actuator?

I did it with the generic interfaces plug-in - added a shallow Blind or Shutter Interface device to the system that is actually doing nothing but adding a layer so the app shows it as a specific device type. I connected it’s states “Closing output” and “Opening output” to the according relay with two rules. The plug-in is currently in the review stadium, might be released soon

As far as I know, shelly’s are supposed to be able to run Tasmota. Once tasmota is installed, you should be able to just add it as a roller shutter as the tasmota plugin supports that.

@chris, what is your actual question? Do you want to know if SHELLY hardware works with nymea in general, or do you have that already working and are explicitly looking for setting up roller shutters?

With sonoff devices you can choose if you want to switch light or shutters. The question is if you can do this with shelly. Very important the interlock mode.

Hi Chris,

I flashed a shelly one with Tasmota using a RPi to use it with nymea as a light switch.
That could be the major step towards your goal, but I don’t know the final configuration specifics.

Basically, follow @mzanetti 's Hackster Article:

sudo nano /boot/config.txt
add “enable_uart=1”

sudo systemctl stop serial-getty@ttyAMA0.service
sudo systemctl disable serial-getty@ttyAMA0.service


sudo apt-get install python-pip
sudo pip install esptool

Connect RPi to Shelly

NOTE: There’s one caveat with this: Given we’re using the 3.3V line, the flowing current seems to be more than the RPi can actually deal with and if you connect the 3.3V line while the RPi is on, it will reboot. There are a few ways around here, the recommended one seems to use an external 3.3V power supply, however, I don’t have one available so that’s not an option for me. We can still make it work with the RPi though. Just power down your RPi unplugging the micro USB, then connect all the wires and power it on. Do not forget to close the GPIO-0 <-> GND bridge to enable flash mode. The TYWE3S will stay in flash mode long enough for the RPi to finish booting and you typing all the commands. --port /dev/ttyS0 erase_flash --port /dev/ttyS0 write_flash -fm dout 0x0 sonoff-basic.bin

(I succeeded after 2 trials, probably because my cables were too long)

Remove GPIO0 at this point and power off/on the Pi. /dev/ttyS0 115200 -e

ssid xxx
password yyy

Type IP in your browser and configure shelly in the web configuration tool according to your needs.

In nymea, add a Tasmota device with the according IP - and let us know how far you came.