Shelly 2.5 Problem with Roller Shutter mode

since some time - don’t know exactly when - I have a problem with my Shelly 2.5 which I use in roller shutter mode in my production system with the latest official updates
I never experienced any problems in connection with nymea before but shortly I realized that the corresponding Shelly connected Roller Shutter was offline with the message “Thing is not connected”. Also the two automatically generated switches show the same error. The Gateway itself looks good.

In a second nymea instance used for testing with the latest experimental builds, everything seems to work fine.

Therefor, I updated only the shelly plugin to its latest experimental build in my production system.
But that led to the error message, that no shelly plugin was installed ???
I now set up a third nymea system only for my shelly 2.5 and had the same behaviour. There I updated
everything to experimental like in my working test system to see what happened but it shows the same behaviour as in Production which means Gateway looks good but connected Roller Shutter and Switches are not connected. Do you have any ideas what’s wrong?

Here some Screenshots for the not working version.


And here the working ones:

I have realy no idea what’s going on.
Thanks for your help in advance,

Regards, Jürgen

I’ve looked into that and indeed could reproduce this. For some reason sometimes the shelly does not seem to react on settings changes unless it is rebooted. I’ve added a reboot command in the setup. Please try if that fixes it. The fix is available in experimental and testing.

I’ll have to revert that change… Please manually reboot the shelly and see if that helps.

Good morning.
Manually rebooting the Shelly indeed helped!