Setting up OneWire to use DS18b20

Hi, guys!

I have an Raspberry Pi 2 B with an DS18b20 temperature sensor wired, the sensor is functional, tested with python. But I failed to get it working with OneWire plugin on Nymea, the sensor is recognized, but after the loading screen, for adding the thing, it does not appear on home screen.

In documentation, it tells me that I have to add the OWFS interface first, but when I try to add trought Nymea:app I got the following message: “Error initializing one wire interface”.

Can anyone help me with this?



the latest version of the one wire plug-in does also support the W1 kernel driver.

This is how you enable the W1 driver:
sudo raspi-config
-> Interfacing options
-> P7 1-Wire
-> Enable 1-Wire
-> Reboot
After that you won’t need the OWFS interface and the one wire plug-in will
discover your sensor.

Hi, Bernhard!

Actually, I have done that in my raspberry already.

In Nymea:app onewire temperature sensor, I am abble to detect the DS18b20, but after adding (chosing name for the thing and pressing ok) and waiting for the loading screen (connecting/loading data), nothing appears on home screen. I have done this steps several times, in android and directly from my raspberry.

Do you know what is happening?


Please post the list of devices that w1 has discovered:
ls /sys/bus/w1/devices/

I can reproduce the issue, no actions required on your side,
I’m working on a fix.

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Thanks for reporting!

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Thanks for the quick fix, Bernhard!

Let me know if I can help with something

I’ve tested, it’s working after the update!

Thanks one more time!