Scenes on Philips Hue Bridge by http put

Hi there,

First of all i wanted to say that i absolutely love nymea… Such a great thing with almost unlimited possibilities… Congrats to all developers!

My question is:
Is there another way to load the scenes saved on Hue Bridge else than via http request (put) to the Hue Api? I think the plugin doesn’t support the scenes, or am i wrong?


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Hey, welcome to nymea and thanks for the kind words :slightly_smiling_face: This is much appreciated.

At this point the Hue plugin does not support scenes indeed. When we implemented the plugin there was no way to do that. However, I know the Hue api has evolved and I believe there should be a way nowadays. I suppose we could make Hue lights browsable and list scenes effects from the bridge in there… I’ll check the Hue api and see if that’s possible and come back.

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Hi @mzanetti,
if you look over Hue API again, maybe you can also find a way for nymea to deletes bulbs from the system.
When I delete a light in Hue App, nymea don’t recognises that and the bulb remains as ‘not connected’.

@Deimos, I’ve added support for activating scenes on the Bridge by making the Bridge browsable.

nymea still does not support creating/modifying scenes, but at least this way they can be activated manually and via rules in nymea after they have been created on the bridge.

@Simon, I’ve also fixed the plugin to
a) refresh newly appearing lights without the need to restart nymea and
b) remove devices from nymea when they are removed from the hue bridge

Here’s the pull request. Should be in experimental with the next build

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Thanks @mzanetti that worked perfect for me and is exactly what i wanted :smile:

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