Rtl_433 on raspberry and NYMEA

Hey guys, im still here! Been quiet lately since ive been traveling around!

A few things:

If you run a SDR dongle on a raspberry, forget about using the POE adapter. It will run for a bit, then crash. Power issue. Found this out recently as mine kept quiting.

You can run multiple SDR’s, using a powered USB hub, which im planning on doing as soon as i get back to my shop.

SDR1: TPMS, and anything else at 315 mhz
SDR2: temp sensors and anything else at 433 mhz
SDR3: downloading weather maps!

It would be cool if we could get the maps into NYMEA somehow.


How are you downloading the maps?

Im not doing it yet, but many do, very cool since you dont need internet to do it. A friend of mine has it working at his remote cabin, so he knows whats coming with the weather. The NOAA satelites broadcast weather data via radio, you just need an SDR and antenna to pick it up.

My goal will be to have this download the area, and find the satellites based on my current GPS location (for the RV).