Registering box to the cloud fails

Hi there,

Registering my restored box to the cloud fails. The connection wheel is turning, but no registration is completed.

Is there a way to clear cloud connection settings? I thing the box (before the restore of a backup) is configured somewhere with another guid.

Did some debugging:

W | AWS: Error registering device in the cloud. AWS connetion will not work: 403 “Device already exists with a different valid certificate”

Hope there is a solution for this.



Hmm… I see…
You’ll need to edit the nymead.conf and drop the serverUUID setting from there… Then restart and it should work again… Also remove the entire [cloud] section, just to make sure…

This happens if you restore a nymead.conf but don’t restore the cloud certificates in /var/lib/nymea/certs/cloud/

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Just restored the certificates.
Did forget to restore them.
Now working like a charm …