Reading GPIO Simple Door switch

Hi, first of all NYMEA is AWESOME! Exactly what we needed. In the past week we went around and replaced all of our switches with TP Link wifi switches, and have them all being controlled by NYMEA with a touch screen in the front office.

Question, i want to attach a few door switches to NYMEA, to see if a employee left a door open when we close for the day.

What plugin/how to do this? I see the GPIO plug in, but im assuming thats only for output functions?


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Should be able to read inputs too

This is a pretty cool use case. We’d appreciate if you could blog or tweet about it or similar.

One thing missing for your door sensor use case would probably be a generic door sensor thing that you can attach to the gpio inputs and make it visually appealing. Shouldn’t be a lot to add that. Will check it out later.

Silly me, i didnt install the GPIO plugin…got it installed and its working great.

Yes, i will post on instagram in a bit, and keep updating it as I go. I would really like to add a thermostat, but it will need to be wifi, and not sure there is any support for a full wifi local lan based thermostat. I dont want to have to use any hubs, and want to avoid running lots of wires from the front office back to the warehouse thermostats.

I also want to avoid using any proprietary services, so it will work all locally. The NYMEA cloud is a good bonus, but like the local no-internet required setup so i dont have to worry about other services.


Right now I think nymea doesn’t support any WiFi thermostat. Bluetooth doesn’t seem like an option due to the distance. Perhaps ZigBee thermostats would be an option and a ZigBee stick on the Raspberry (depending on the size of the building perhaps with ZigBee repeaters).

If you are aware of WiFi thermostats with a API we could use, please share that here.