Raspberry Pi4 nymea, temperature sensor, humidity sensor (DHT22

Hello, how can I run Raspberry Pi4 nymea, temperature sensor, humidity sensor (DHT22) in which plugin? and
Which is the GPIO setting input/output? thanks

hello @tyson,

as of now, the GPIO plugin allows you only to use them as IO, getting input interrupts or switch them as output. The DHT22 would require a special plugin, implementing the protocol of the DHT22 data pin:

You could write a simple python plugin, let the python lib do the protocol work and provide nymea the temperature and humidity values trough states using the temperaturesensor and humitidy interface:

hello how does the DHT22 sensor work in nymea, with which plugin?

It is not supported yet, but it’s gonna be a very small plugin to be done in order to make it work

simon.stuerz Thanks for your reply, that means we can’t use DHT22 sensor in nymea for now.

Hey, I’ve written a plugin for this. But I don’t have such a sensor so I can’t test. Can you please upgrade your nymea installation to experimental and then there should be a plugin named nymea-plugin-dht available. Please test and report back.

hi, i’m so glad, nymea can you tell me which experimental version i should upgrade, latest . 2021-07-18 05:42 734 M
[ ] nymea-image-raspbian-buster-2021-07-19.ZIP I have this version.

hello, I have 2 DHT22 and DHT11 sensors, I tried nymea DHT.plugin, it gives GPIO error, I tried GPIO input/output, the result is the same error. .

The latest experimental now has support for those sensors (DHT11 and DHT22). Will be included in the 0.29 release.