Raspberry pi can seem to access the GPIO

im new to nymea, but have been using pis since they came out.
im trying to access the gpios of the pi from nymea, but nothing seems to be working.
have tried from both the app and the cli. found a video that shows the pi in the list of devices, but can`t seem to find it on my install.

i have enabled GPIO in the package install, but that still will not show any gpio options. i must be missing something.

have also try using the preconfigured image and a fresh install of raspbain.

running version 0.21.1

any help would be great.

never mind, finally found it, there are two different GPIO plugins. first one isn`t for the pi

Hi @unknwon00, welcome to nymea.

It sounds like you might have picked the one for the Beaglebone black indeed.

Glad you managed to solve it.