Raspberry Pi 3B+ is not showing on some Android devices


Some Android devices with Berrylan don’t see a Raspberry with Nymea. iPhones and newer Samsung devices can see the Raspberry.

What the problem it is?

Hi @Bumeranghc

Which Versions of berrylan and nymea-networkmanager have you installed?

The last version of BerryLan from Play Market and nymea-networkmanager 0.5.5+202011171557~stretch1 armhf

Thanks for your amazing tool. Have made life so much easier.

Even I am facing the same issue, it is working perfectly on an iPhone, but my Android phone shows the rPi sometimes and sometimes it just keeps searching for it. Meanwhile iPhone gets it spot on everytime.

rPi : 4B
iPhone 11
Android: Oneplus 7 Pro

On a side note, if iphone is left searching for a long time, it gets filled with the same device row after row, like in the image attached.

Thanks once again. :+1: