Push notifications via telegram

since the default push methods to not apply to my phone (missing gps).
What about sending a message to a telegram bot?

Hi @dossidos,

Currently there isn’t such a plugin. Shouldn’t be much effort from the nymea side of things once someone figures out the necessary api calls for the telegram side of things.

Do you happen to know the steps that would need to be done to set up such a bot?

The whole process is described on a page from openhab where I already had it up and running.

It is really straight forward.

That was easy indeed:

Will be in the next experimental build.


any clue when the next bulid will be?

made some typos that failed the build a few times. should happen today really

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got it!

One thing - the setup wizard only shows the input for ‘bot access token’. The chat id is missing.
When i manually add the thing again (after the error) the Chat ID field is there.

it should automatically detect all the chat ids and let you choose from them

Check the readme file in the pull request

But i get an error:

Interesting. Can you send me the output of the getUpdates call as described on the openhab page? Perhaps you need to obfuscate it a bit and remove message content.

Viel kommt da nicht:


CORR: my mistake - read the f* manual: send a message before calling getUpdate or creating the thing in nymea.

Thing creation now works - Danke

p.s.: we should drink a beer together after this corona think - i am in Klosterneuburg

Ok. Perhaps I could remind the user about this in case of no search results.

I’ll let you know when I’m near the head quarter next time. Haven’t been in Vienna for over a year now because of the pandemic…