Protocol of things in 1.8.0

I installed nymea:app 1.8.0 on my Linux desktops, just because it was there. I now see that this version is not available for my other environments and that there are no release notes yet.

In the new version I can not find the protocols of events in the pane for each thing.
In my Android version (1.7.0) the menu looks like this:

On my Linux desktops it’s now like this:

I hope that this is an oversight and that the protocols will be available in the future. The information provided by this tool is essential.

And: How do I revert to nymea:app 1.7.0 ?

The logs system has been completely reworked in nymea 1.8.0. You can still open it by going to details and then pressing on any entry. It will reveal a logs button for each state/event/action.

Ah - that’s an improvement. I like it. Thank you very much.

But then, the AC graphs are now all empty. They show all the framing but no data at all:

We’ll be releasing nymea:core 1.8 tonight, then it’ll match again.

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