Problems with Rules

Hey guys, I’ve been having some troubles setting up a rule.
Here’s my setup:


Simple description:
I got an LED Light connected via the GPIO. It works great under nymea -> in the app, it gets added correctly to the devices list and powering on works. Proof the LED works:


Here’s where my problem lies. I added the Open Weather Map plugin, and wanted to make this scenario:
if the temperature is under 10°, turn power on to GPIO #16. The first problem I had was the IF statement checks for temperature changed. But I saw that condition has exactly that.
So this is what I did:


This, unfortunately, didn’t work.
I know that the Scenarios work, because I created a simple one, with the ON/OFF Button plugin -> if the button is pressed ON, Set Power to GPIO#16 to ON.
I also tried with a timed event with the timer plugin provided by you guys -> if the timer times out, turn the power on.

So, I think the problem is with the Open Weather Map plugin.

If you can help out or point out if my Scenario is wrong, I would love it.



I’ve been trying to reproduce this but so far haven’t been able to. Do you think you can attach some log files so I can investigate further? Ideally you’d post your devices.conf and rules.conf