Priority Work List

Is there some place where I can see your plug-in priority work list?

I know you relatively recently asked for input on integrations that the users want but I have not seen how that list ended up being prioritized. Reason I want to see is that I have a Bond hub, a Broadlink hub and a Z-wave hub integrated into my system thru mqtt using drivers I found on the web but it is only a minimalistic setup. I would like to know if any is on the list and how far down.

note: Ok, I did not understand the various blinds I had and unfortunately the Broadlink hub could not handle the somfy security issue between the remote and the blind and I therefore had to add the Bond hub. Z-wave blinds (from bali) use a different frequency range all together.


for integrations we don’t have a clearly defined roadmap. We’ll be happy to work with the community to add more and more of them. Our actual roadmap is more focused on core features. Although we do have a few contributing community members, I’d be happy to see more community activities on creating integrations.

You’re right, we did ask for input on what integrations would be requested the most and that’s valuable input, but please understand that integrations for the community (especially when it comes to reverse engineering protocols etc) is something we can’t make our living from and have to do on our spare time. We love doing that, after all that’s why we started this project, but obviously having roadmaps and deadlines is something we’d rather keep to the business side of things and the community offering is something we want to have fun doing.
I’ve said this in another thread already, I think the best way to see something happening is to start digging into the topic, share your findings here (or on the chat channels) and ask us and other community members for help.


I find the statement “but obviously having roadmaps and deadlines is something we’d rather keep to the business side of things and the community offering is something we want to have fun doing”, quite worrying!

I love Nymea…but…it would be much more reassuring to know that the community aspect is a fundamental part of your business :slight_smile:

Here is the Google Spreadsheet that contains all the form submissions. I couldn’t yet find a way to manipulate that data in order to become a neat priority list. If you are a spreadsheet artist - let me know. :grin:

Thank you Simon. I do appreciate the courtesy. Also thanks to the team for the hard efforts. It is an excellent piece of software.


I have a spreadsheet after I modified to input to comma separated input as separate lines. It is most likely not the most efficient but gets the job done. column G&H are an alphabetical sort and L&M are a vote count sort. How do I get it to you? Site will not let my upload and ods file.

I am not a spreadsheet wiz but it looks like IP Camera support is the most popular followed by Zwave, then TV support.

What I wonder is how much the IP Camera support is for something like ONVIF integration or is it just to display the camera stream - in which case the new Webview in the forthcoming dashboard might suffice (I can get mpeg streams to work in the new dashboard but not rtsp).

Edit, lost Zwave on first post. Also noticed that someone did an and for 2 different devices.

Topic # Votes
IP Cameras 42
GHome support 22
Alexa support 22
Z-Wave 18
Ikea - TrĂĄdfri 17
Samsung TV 16
HomeKit support 14
CC2531 Zigbee USB stick 11
Yeelight 10
Shelly Door/Window 2 10
webOS (LG smart TVs) 9
Broadlink RM 9
Notifications in Nymea:App 8
Arduino 7
Tasmota NodeMCU Temp bmp280 6
Meross 6
Lorawan Direct Integration (Not Through MQTT) 6
Aqara Smart Gateway 6
Philips Smart Air Purifier (Series 3000i/4000i) 5
Generic Sensor (PH/ORP/TDS/…) 5
webOS (smart TVs) 4
Water Tank Level Sensors 4
nextcloud calendar 4
Koogeek - Smart Power Strip 4 4
Homematic IP Heizkörperthermostat 4
AVM Fritz!Box 4
apple tv 4 and up remote control 4
Yamaha network receiver 3
subscribe and publish messages. Similar to MQTT 3
SPI) 3
Redis 3
Gree - Air Conditioners 3
Flic (start Nymea scripts with Flic button press) 3
External ADC chip (I2C 3
Analog sensor read 3
Vaillant vSmart / eRelax 2
MELCLOUD and NEATO vacuum Cleaner 2
Luke Roberts - Model F 2
ESP32 2
SILVERCREST® Bewegungsmelder 1
Ring devices 1
Infrarot-Sensor 1
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Hopefully it is some minor help to have it sorted this way.

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  • Neato is there by now.
  • There are 2 I2C based external ADC chips supported already.
  • Luke Roberts is in experimental (although development seems to have stalled atm).
  • Modbus RTU support is in experimental and will be launched with 0.28.
  • There’s a yamaha network receiver integration WIP
  • If I’m not mistaken the tasmota plugin should have temp sensor support by now

Then we already have a ring plugin but it never was released as Amazon doesn’t want 3rd party to use their api and keeps changing it…

Also somewhere in the git history there’s a LIRC plugin which was removed as we thought noone is using it and setup was rather complex (required manual creation of a lircd.conf and lircrc which isn’t nymea-style :wink: )

WebOS smart TV is also in experimental but stalled atm. I think the main problem is the lack of access to hardware atm. I tried to finish it using an LG emulator but that won’t work as it can only emulate apps on the tv, but not a tv in the network. Would love to see someone with such a TV to help out. I don’t think there’s a lot missing.

@hiflyer - that is very helpful, makes much more sense.

Thanks :slight_smile:

With regards to ip cameras my view is that there are plenty of great nvr software tools out there already, so I don’t think development time spent on native camera interfaces or ONVIF standards is very useful, feel free to disagree :slight_smile:

I just want to display my cameras on the dashboard so a range of streaming protocols would be useful. Using MQTT for motion detection alerts and/or passing the photos to deepstack (or other ML models) for object identification and posting results back to nymea seems feasible. I can use the new generic thing to see the results, or push them to email/sms bots but a notification/alert on the nymea screen would help.

An interface to Zoneminder/Shinobi/Motion etc., might be useful for some but it wouldn’t be high on my list. If it is of any use I have recently been using Ispy free version of AgentDVR and am impressed with the features so far.