Popup Message in Nymea:app kiosk

Hi there!

First of all - i really like the nymea system!!!
Maybe its possible to integrate a popup message in Nymea:app kiosk, like already exists with nymea cloud -> push message, but now for the other direction.
Perfekt would be the integration in two ways. First - a popup message (triggerd from a rule) is shown in the middle of the screen for very important messages. This Message need a click at a “OK”-Button to hide it.
Maybe a second very usefull popup message in the lower right or left corner, that shows a message for a short time period (configurable) and hide automatically and can be stackable if more than one message is shown.

All of this messages should also activate the Display.

Does it sound realizable?

Thank you so much for your great work!

Hi @david2482, welcome to nymea.

I’ve been thinking about this too. Sure something I’d like to have eventually. The situation is that Push notifications are a system service of Android/iOS/UBPorts. That means, a small part of code provided by the system is checking a server hosted by Google/Apple/UBPorts for incoming messages even when nymea:app is not running. On a desktop or the kiosk system, such a service is missing and would need to be provided somehow. Normally on desktops there’s a notification tray which shows popups somewhere at the system tray but it still needs to be fed somehow. In a kiosk setup that’s not available either and the code to paint a notification overlay as well as a way to show the notification history needs to be done. Arguably that could be done in-app for a kiosk setup but anyways it is yet another special case of a rather large topic.

Long story short, we’ll likely add this at some point, but it’s not as straight forward to get it done properly as it might seem at a first glance.

Thanks for the feedback!

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