Philips Hue with non-Hue devices

Hi, I recently installed a (non-Philips Hue) Zigbee in-wall switch (that officially supports Hue), which I connected to my Hue Bridge. It doesn’t show up in Nymea however.

The Zigbee switch is visible in the Hue app, and I can link Hue dimmer switches to the Zigbee switch.
It is also visible in my Flic hub, so I can control if with Flic buttons.

It doesn’t show up in HomeKit, but I would assume that to be due to restrictions imposed by Apple.

Is there a way to make the Zigbee switch show up in Nymea via the Hue plugin?


If the Hue app shows it, it should be possible I think. Please enable the additional debug output for the hue plugin and find the line that starts with Found unknown sensor:

It should give the information needed to extend the plugin.

Strangely, it seems to show up as a supported device in the extended logs, but it doesn’t show up in my things:

"26": {
    "capabilities": {
        "certified": false,
        "control": {
        "streaming": {
            "proxy": false,
            "renderer": false
    "config": {
        "archetype": "ceilingsquare",
        "direction": "omnidirectional",
        "function": "functional"
    "manufacturername": "icasa",
    "modelid": "ICZB-IW11SW",
    "name": "Bedroom ceiling",
    "productname": "On/Off light",
    "state": {
        "alert": "select",
        "mode": "homeautomation",
        "on": false,
        "reachable": true
    "swupdate": {
        "lastinstall": "2021-04-20T12:56:29",
        "state": "notupdatable"
    "swversion": "2.5.3_r48",
    "type": "On/Off light",
    "uniqueid": "84:fd:27:ff:fe:70:d5:70-01"

I reconfigured the Hue hub, but that didn’t change anything.

Yeah, this will need a tiny patch in the plugin.

OK - nice that you can add it!

Hey, have you been able to look at this? Anything I can do to help?