Philipps Hue and OSRAM (Device shown as down)

Hi Community

I have a Philipps Hue environment and added some Devices from OSRAM Smart+.
Two of them are “Lightify Indoor Flex” LED-Stripes.
From Philipps Hue I can control them perfectly and everything works fine.

In Nymea these both LED-Stripes shown as down/disconnected, and so I can’t
switch them on/off via Nymea.

If there is anything I can do?


Hey Christian,

Just to clarify, all the other devices are working fine, it’s just those LED-Stripes from Osram that are failing, right?

This sounds like something’s not handlet properly in the hue plugin. Sadly I don’t have any such Osram devices around to try myself.

I might be able to find something by looking at your logs. You can obtain it by going to Box Settings -> Developer Tools. Then enable the test mode and open the debug interface. From there you can download the System log. Please mail it to michael (dot) zanetti (@) nymea (dot) io (or join our telegram channel and PM me from there).

Thank you for your logs.

After some investigation we have found the issue to be a bug in the Hue bridge. It seems LIGHTIFY RGBW Indoor LED stripes are erroneously reported by the Hue bridge to be not reachable all the time which is also confirmed by the official Hue app in that it always marks those stripes as “not connected” too.

We were able to find a workaround for that and the current testing candidate should work fine with LIGHTIFY RGBW Indoor LED stripes too. Should be released to stable within a few days now (version 0.13.1 will have it).

As I still don’t have any such hardware to verify myself, I’d appreciate if you could let us know when Philips has fixed this so we can remove the workaround again.

Thanks again.