Partially shown diagrams

The new graphs showing (for instance) the history of the temperature values registered by a sensor are now much improved. In particular, I like the line showing the x position of the mouse when I follow the graph.

However, from time to time some of the graphs are only shown partially:

It’s seemingly a random effect. When I leave the dashboard and enter it again after just a few seconds, the graphs might all be complete, or other graphs might be incomplete:

During the building-up of the page I first see the page with several partially drawn graphs. Then the window refreshes once and then most of the partially drawn graphs are completed, but sometimes not all are.

The effect also occurs on pages with fewer graphs. I have pages with only three graphs which sometimes show the effect.

BTW, would it be possible to show in the graphs which points represent actual measurements and which ones are merely interpolations? That would greatly help identifying stuck or disconnected sensors.