ONVIF or IP camera support

As far as I know there was no ONVIF/IP camera support in the `21 releases of nymea.
I don’t know if the latest release have such of support for cameras or if it’s possible to emulate somehow a camera using JavaScript or VLC libs.

Hmm. The only thing that comes to mind right now, would be to add a WebView widget to the dashboard with a URL pointing to the video stream

How can I find/install a webview thing in nymea?

In the dashboard (Main menu → configure main views) you can add a web view.

There is no add webview in my config main views

Hi, you need to go to "“Hauptansicht einrichten” (configure main view?). There you activate the Dashboard and then follow the screenshots …

That should be all.

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I just needed to scroll right to see the other items :grinning:

Hmm… this screenshot looks quite outdated. Where did you install this nymea:app from?

From app · documentation
It’s windows version: nymea-app-win-installer-1.0.448.exe

Latest official version is 1.5. I took it from here


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Thank you @plasmediaX . I’ve just installed the 1.5.0 version. :+1:
It looks a little different.
And back on topic, my reolink cameras don’t work with webview widget :pensive:

Does the webview work in general and it’s just the stream from the camera that’s not coming through?

The webview is working with a http website, but it’s not working with a rtsp stream.

Really not sure if it will work, but perhaps worth a try (I couldn’t test it as I couldn’t find any working rtsp sample stream). In theory you should be able to start vlc which would live-re-encode it to some other format stream with

cvlc -v rtsp://user:password@camera_ip_address --sout='#transcode{vcodec=theo,vb=800,acodec=vorb,ab=128,channels=2,samplerate=44100,scodedec=none}:http{dst=:8080/webcam.ogg}'

and then point the webview to http://<host>:8080/webcam.ogg

Also I’m not sure if .ogg would work, but vlc should be able to encode to something that the webview can play, given that video in general seems to work:

(found here: ffmpeg - Best approach to get RTSP streaming into web browser from IP Camera? - Stack Overflow)