One wire ds18b20 not working

Hi, i’m new here. I’m planning on building a hot tub controller. I’ve connected a ds18b20 one wire temp sensor (with adapter module) to the gpio (connected the data wire to pin 7, GPIO 4) and i added the one wire plugin. When I try to add a one wire temp sensor in the app, the sensor cannot be found. I’m I doing something wrong?

best regards from Iceland

Hi, have you added the “One wire interface” device first? This device is needed to setup the OWFS. The param that will be set during devices setup is the OWFS configuration, standard is –i2c=ALL:ALL - means the OWFS is searching all I2C interfaces for one-wire devices.

I always use a bus master device (DS2482-100) that converts the i2c commands to one-wire - means I’ve no experience with hooking up the sensor directly to any pin - I would try first to hook the sensor’s data wire to the SDA pin.