Nymea & Unipi Closes Connection

Hello all!

I’ve just got my Unipi running with Nymea and I can see the gateway and the inputs and outputs etc

A few things. Firstly most important. Each time I change a state of a digital output it then closes the connection. I can’t seem to get to the bottom of this.

It turns the output on but then it closes the connection. Once it reconnects it the digital output also turns off but the core thinks its turned on.

Secondly. There is no option for analogue in. It just says this thing cannot be found

Thirdly. There is only 6 digital outputs. But there is 8 on the board.

Thanks in advance to who ever can help and hopefully the original developer can see this!

I’ve tried using a raspberry pi 3 and rpi 4


thanks for reporting your issues. I’ll have a closer look at it.
I’ve already added the missing outputs, for the analog IOs I’ll need
your support to test it.

Here you can see the progress:


Thank you! I’ve supplied a log on github. Looks like its having a buffer overflow! I’m a novice coder so its way over my head!

Happy to help you test the Analog IO’s