Nymea Thermostat config - connecting to DS1820

Hello All,

Firstly, to all involved in Nymea - great work - after trying out other systems I was so relieved to find something I could use without a phenomenal learning curve.

So past struggles, including Nymea ones to one side, … after following the topic of the DS1820 and finally seeing it working, I am now trying to understand how to configure the Thermostat. I cannot see how to connect the temperature sensor as an input, to make the comparison to the set point, to set POWER on or off.
I see that it is titled ‘simulation’ , does this mean it I cannot actually use it … ‘in real life’ ?
All is well when using the temp sensor against a fixed value, but how to do I compare against the thermostat set point ?

If it cannot be used as described at the moment … it would be great to have the feature in the future …

Thank you


welcome and thanks for the kind words.

I’m using nymea to regulate the temperature of a hot tub. For that I used an one wire temperature sensors and a relay with a heating rod connected to it.
I setted up 2 rules, or magic as it is called in the nymea app. One to switch on the heating if the temperature is below the minimum temperature and one to switch the heating off as soon as the target temperature is reached.

You can do that also with a script, but rules will do the job.

Hello Bernhard,

Thankyou for your swift reply.

I understand your hot tub solution, but is it possible for the Nymea Thermostat be used instead of the constants 34 and 36 oC, or would that require a ‘frightening’ (for me) script solution ?

Best Regards

Hmm… I see. This isn’t possible at the moment with the simple rules. Seems a valid use case tho and should probably be added. Also I notice that a generic thermostat isn’t available yet either.

Thanks for bringing this up. Will see how we can cater for this in a “non-frightening” way :slight_smile:

@mzanetti added a new thing class “generic thermostat” to the generic thing plug-in. This should fit your needs, you can connect your temperature sensor and your heating to it directly without the need of any rule/magic.

Also, I’m extending the rule engine to allow comparing state values to other state values which should allow for such use cases also for other areas than thermostats.

Good Evening Guys,
All sounds great… but I cannot find the Generic thermostat. Yesterday, I added 70+ updates but it is still ‘hiding’ from me. Is there something special I need to enable to make it show in the heating devices list ?
My apologies if I have missed something obvious,

Best Regards,


sorry, the generic thing didn’t make it into yesterdays release (0.24) as it was already frozen by the time we implemented the above stuff.

We’ll be starting with experimental builds for the next release (0.25) soon which will include those branches. You are free to test that already but keep in mind that experimental has its name for a reason.

You can switch to experimental in
Menu > System settings > System update > settings in the top right > activate 'Experimental'

Then update the system and you can enjoy the latest (unstable!) code.
If you disable experimental right after, it will not delete the actual configuration, but waits for the next release. So I suggest to disable the setting again after you updated.