Nymea stops responding

after some days of uptime nymea stop responding. Only a hard restart of the raspberry pi 3b resolves the problem.

Last time I checked the packaged took all cpu.

Any suggestions?

Hmm… You mean packagekitd, right? That would be the thing that runs apt-get update behind the scenes to check for updates. But more likely would be that the RPi runs out of memory.

If it happens again, mind checking the memory usage? Perhaps post a screenshot of ‘top’ here if you’re unsure how to read the numbers.

I think I have the same issue.
Will keep my eyes open for that issue too.

Yes - seems so…

Interesting… Can you track it down to a particular plugin/thing?

It seems to be growing quite fast which is good so it’s easier to track down… Perhaps try to remove some Things and try to find the one that causes this. That would help us a lot.

I’ve done some testing here and this seems to happen when there is a ZigBee network with the deConz backend. Removing all the ZigBee networks seems to make it stop.

Can you guys confirm that?

simply unplugging it didn’t do anything:

I think I’ve found that one. Latest experimental builds should not leak any more.
Please confirm.

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yes, seems to work!

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Thanks for testing experimental… As I said, there’s a reason for that name :slightly_smiling_face: