Nymea found no things in my house

having installed the latest nymea software onto my raspberry 3 and followed the first setup.
The nymea is connected via WiFi to the same network where all my other stuff (HUE and Nuki) is connected.
After trying to add hue things to nymea it comes back a few seconds later with the message: found no things… the same message occour after choosing Nuki.

I have no idea what’s going wrong here, so can anybody give me helpful advice? Thx in advance

Hello @cwiki, welcome to nymea!

Hmm… So Nuki works via Bluetooth. Is the lock within reach of the device you’re running nymea on?

And for Hue, do you have a Hue bridge or are you using the Hue via Bluetooth? At this point nymea does not support Hue lights Bluetooth. If you’re using a bridge, it really should work fine.

thx for the warm welcome! My Nuki has a WLAN Bridge which increases the range. But to answer the question correctly, the PI is 2m away from Nuki.

My Hue runs with a bridge that can be reached in my network via ping.

So both devices are visible and reachable in the network.

From another installation with OpenHab I know that both components were immediately detected in my network. With Hue, I had to press the button on the bridge for Hue to work properly.
OpenHab is very complicated, so I switched to nymea. But unfortunately in Nymea both devices are not recognized. What else can I do ?

Ok, for Nuki, we don’t support the WLAN bridge yet, only Bluetooth…

The Hue bridge really should work as that’s probably the most-used plugin…

It is really strange that nothing can be found for you… So let’s try to find out why:
Can you please enable the debug interface in nymea (System Settings -> Developer tools) and then open that. In there you’ll find a “Logs” section. Please enable the Hue and Nuki logs and try to set those up again. Then send me those logs and I can have a look what’s happening.

yes, very strange… In my nymea there is after enabling the logs no more to enable, only a menue point called show logs. How do I can extract the logs ? Copy & paste on my MacBook won’t work.

ok, now I find how to copy the logfile.
during the tests, the system want to update itself and now everything is up to date. HUE won’t be founded jet. unfortunately I cannot save the logfiles here in the post. How should I send the logfile?

You can contact me via email under michael (dot) zanetti (at) nymea (dot) io.

Ok. An update on this: with the logs I’ve tracked it down to a bug in the upnp discovery in combination with certain WiFi circumstances. this should be fixed in the next release.

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